Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get a tax break if I use the Arc’s production and commercial services?


Not for the services that you are buying. However, if you were to make a donation of goods, services, or funds to the Arc, you would be eligible for the tax benefit from a charitable contribution to a 501 © 3 organization. Oh, and if you’d like to hire one of our outstanding performers and place that person on your payroll, there are tax incentives for that!

2. Since you are subsidized by the State, can I get my product or service at a discount?


No portion of the direct or indirect costs of Arc’s production and off-site commercial services are funded by the State of California; only the rehabilitation and training costs are reimbursed through the Department of Developmental Services. Therefore, while we cannot use public funds to subsidize your services, we can offer prices that are very competitive and as reasonable as we can possibly make them.

3. If my work is being done by individuals with disabilities, how can I be sure that it will be done on time?


Because of its special licensing and certifications, The Arc can assign a greater number of skilled workers to your job than other suppliers are able to do. Therefore, not only is your work completed on time, but we are very often able to exceed deadlines considered difficult by our competitors.

4. What about liability, workers compensation, and vehicle insurance?


Because all individuals on our crews and in our production shops are on The Arc’s payroll, there is no risk exposure whatsoever for your business from an employment law standpoint. Similarly, since the Arc programs are accredited, licensed, and subject to all other typical forms of business regulation, full insurance coverage is guaranteed with certificates available upon request.