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Is Your Sensitive Information Secure?

Today, more than any time in history, the security of your private information is crucial to protect.  Storing outdated files and business documents is not only an aesthetic problem, it’s a security problem.  When discarding your unwanted or outdated business documents, make sure to use a secure document destruction company.

Keeping information secure is not just a best business practice – for many businesses it is a legal requirement.  Privacy laws are meant to ensure the complete destruction of confidential information.  This goes beyond merely recycling… it means certified document destruction.

At Secure Document Destruction of Fresno, our facility meets all of the government mandated requirements for secure document destruction, including:

  • 24 hour video surveillance

  • Closed Circuit Monitoring

  • Certificate of Destruction

We go to great lengths to ensure that your private information is protected.  You can either drop off your documents, or we pick them up for you.

Since 2003, Secure Document Destruction has helped local accountants, banks, attorneys, medical offices, and other businesses to dispose of sensitive documents in a careful, confidential, and environmentally responsible manner.

            Working with The Arc’s production services is a great way to clear old and obsolete records from your professional offices so as to make way for the new.

            By routing your documents to The Arc’s Secure Document Destruction system, you assure certified handling by trained professionals in a highly secure and monitored setting, along with the knowledge that all shredded paper is completely recycled.

            A certificate of proper destruction is always provided along with your invoice.

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