Sorting & Collating

sorting and collating

Sorting and Inspection:

Scrap and re-work costs are a significant problem for many manufacturers. When you are stuck with a large batch of pieces that need to be sorted through, give us a call. We’ll inspect and sort it out to your specifications, re-work if possible, weigh count, identify, and re-palletize your material. You’ll get it back ready to warehouse or ship.

Collating and Mailroom:

Despite the rapid growth of digital communication, there is still an important role to be played by a well-crafted, attractive, and personalized surface mail piece. Promotional items, in particular, can be extremely effective at cutting through all of today’s e-clutter, but they often require time- consuming collating, folding, insertion and labeling before landing in a customer’s hands. The Arc’s mailroom capabilities take the headaches out of surface mail, as your printed materials can be delivered, stored, and inventoried at our facilities as we process your order.

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